Let’s talk more about what you dream about!

How you feel, what you experience, what you fear.

Or maybe just about how your website should look…

My name is Zofiia Rose…

My passion and my heart belongs to being at service. And one of my absolute favorite things to be at service with, is talking with people. Not at them or to them. But with them. Sharing my heart and soul, but most importantly listening and having amazing dialogues. We heal the world through dialogue!
Humbly I often experience that through my wisdom, big life knowledge and my intuitive gifts I am blessed to being able to help them.

There is no subject that is off limit. There is no subject that I am not able to talk about or listen to. I have no taboos. I don’t easy get spooked.
There are not many subjects to this earth that I have not experienced myself. Either through experiences, emotions, feelings or events of life and to this day I am grateful to all this wisdom and knowledge it has provided me with. Even if it has been tough as hell (pardon my french) at times.
It has made me the person I am today. It has made me capable of helping others. It has given my life meaning in a way I never thought possible.

Are you in need of a session?

1: Do you maybe feel disconnected?

2: Or are you maybe hit by emotions you have a hard time dealing with?

3: Or are you maybe in a place in your life that you just need a good enlightened talk about?



I am right here, ready to have a great dialogue with you and a good talk about where you are, maybe why you behave or feel like you do, or to share some specific and concrete knowledge and wisdom with you. If you need it. And want it.

Book a personal session with me

And that is what Zofiia does…

She connects you with YOU and your heart again!

Let me design your next website!

I have been designing simple, clean yet powerful websites for a few years now, and I love combining my skills of seeing who you are, knowing in details what your business is and helping you making a strong visual look for your brand and business.

All of my core skills are aligned and in flow in this process and my creativity is doing a happy dance inside of me.

I have made these different and great websites, and go have a look at them and see if I am the one who is going to make your next website.

I am curious and want to know more about webdesign!