I have been designing simple, clean yet powerful websites for 5 years now, and I love combining my skills of seeing who you are, knowing in details what your business is and helping you making a strong visual look for your brand and business.

All of my core skills are aligned and in flow in this process and my creativity is doing a happy dance inside of me.

No matter if it a website you need designed, or you need mentoring sessions about your business or personal life, I am right here, ready to have a great dialogue with you and a good talk about where you are, maybe why you behave or feel like you do, or to share some specific and concrete knowledge and wisdom with you. If you need it. And want it.

Zofiia has the life experience of a 100 year old, the heart of a newborn and the drive of a
20 year old to help change the World into a better place. One website or session at a time.